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Our gastronomic and cultural experience has once again laid its foundation in Downtown Miami and is home to a collection of eight flavorsome, Spanish food stations. The second season of La FIERA by Mercado de San Miguel treats guests to the enchanting aromas of paella, the rich tastes of slow cooked Iberian bred pork and the bold flavors of Spain’s famed vineyards. Emulating the atmosphere of the original, much loved Madrid market, the pop up experience creates a stimulating sensation that transports you to the Spanish capital.

Curated by thought leader Montserrat Valle, the kitchen is overseen by Chef Xavi Oteiza, who marries Spanish gastronomy with local ingredients carefully sourced from artisans, bakers, and farmers, offering a whole spectrum of tastes from Spain’s culinary world. 

We welcome you to stop by La FERIA and let your culinary curiosity get the best of you!