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A Spanish State-of-Mind

By Monique Gonzalez for Mitch & Mel Take Miami


Long gone (and I mean LONG gone) are my study abroad days when life was carefree and my days were filled gallivanting throughout Spain in search of yet another pair of espadrilles or the next best chupitería. Fast forward X number of years later (well, because I refuse to divulge the actual number), my love for all things Spanish is still as palpable. So palpable, that quite often I find myself in need of a Spanish fix.




Whether you can relate or are simply feeling like you’re in need of a little sabor de España, I strongly recommend you run (not walk) to La Feria by Mercado de San Miguel, the official ambassador of the legendary Mercado de San Miguel food market located in Madrid, Spain. Except, you won’t need your passport to get to this one. Vale? Vale.




See, lucky for us, this Spanish pop-up food market, inspired by the by the 100 year-old original version in Madrid, has reopened in the heart of downtown Miami in Bayfront Park for its second season in South Florida. Curated by thought leader Montserrat Valle, the kitchen is overseen by Chef Xavi Oteiza, who marries Spanish gastronomy with local ingredients carefully sourced from artisans, bakers, and farmers, offering a whole spectrum of tastes from Spain’s culinary world.


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