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What’s that big top in Bayfront Park? A Spanish food feast

By Carlos Frías for Miami.com


La Feria brings downtown’s Bayfront Park a taste of Spain’s Mercado San Miguel


That big top tent at Bayfront Park isn’t the fair — it’s La Feria.


The legendary Madrid food hall Mercado San Miguel has set up an outpost of it’s Spanish for a second-annual event it’s calling La Feria, beginning today and running through Jan. 17.


La Feria brings a taste of the massive and beautiful Madrid food hall where local chefs and artisans present some of the finest in Spanish ingredients and cuisine. Under the big top will be four kiosks dedicated to different aspects of Spanish cooking.


In the Meat Kiosk, Bayfront foodies will find bites of Secreto Iberico ham, raised from a special breed of pig prized for its flavor. A Hot Dog of Butiffara is inspired by Catalan butiffara sausage and a beef churrasco will be cooked in a special Josper charcoal oven.


The Fish Kiosk brings a raw bar with sweet, red prawn, oysters, and other seasonal seafood. Small plates include a Semi Mojama cured tuna with fried almonds and a Galician-style octopus.


A Pintxos Kiosk shows off Spanish tapas, creamy Spanish-style ham croquetas and stuffed piquillo peppers. And a Rice Kiosk is all about paella.


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