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La Feria by Mercado de San Miguel Returns To Miami Tonight

By Olee Fowler for Eater Miami


The popular food market La Feria by Mercado de San Miguel — an “official ambassador” of the legendary Madrid market, Mercado de San Miguel — reopens in downtown Miami in Bayfront Park tonight through January 2017 for its second season.


New for this year include an “expanded” new layout “inspired by traditional Mediterranean building techniques,” increased lighting and more landscaping.


The 9,000-square-feet space is curated by Mercado’s owner Montserrat Valle features a variety of different “kiosks” serving different types of cuisine. There is one dedicated to meat with items like secreto Iberico ham, churrsasco and hot dogs; one with a seafood focus serving times like octopus and cod; something dubbed a “tapas emporium” with items like croquetas and pinxtos; along with a risk kiosk and dessert kiosk.


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