December 2016

In The Leisureist   Everyone wants to start the new year with a BANG! Here are some ways you can ring in 2017 deliciously!   2.  La FERIA by Mercado de San Miguel Ring in the new year at La FERIA by Mercado de San Miguel. For New Year’s Eve,

December 16, 2016   Each Friday, we compile South Florida food-related news and events that we couldn’t fit on the site earlier in the week, as well as other local news that piques our interest. Want to be included in next week’s roundup? Shoot us an email

By Monique Gonzalez for Mitch & Mel Take Miami   Long gone (and I mean LONG gone) are my study abroad days when life was carefree and my days were filled gallivanting throughout Spain in search of yet another pair of espadrilles or the next best chupitería.